The Choice of Industry Leaders

Pricetrack is a user-friendly database developed by Marketing Synergy Pty Ltd. It covers liquor retail advertising in all of the major papers from each of the Australian states and territories. Every month this equates to more than 24,000 data entries covering 1,500 plus advertisements typically covering more than 3,000 different liquor products (beer, wine, spirits and RTDs). The history of more than 15,000 liquor products has now been accumulated and is available.  The database is based on most major newspapers from around Australia.





The database can be searched in any combination of criteria including product, category, product type, region, advertiser or newspaper. Not only are data search results available but the database includes linked PDF files of the actual advertisements giving unmatched data integrity. Australia’s largest liquor retail groups and producers have been quick to see the power of this service and currently subscribe and integrate it into their internal systems.

The service includes a separate database which covers all liquor related media included in these papers. This database can be searched in the same manner as the advertising database and, as for the advertising database, the actual reviews are linked to PDF files that can be either viewed on screen or printed.

Access to Pricetrack is by subscription only and current rates may be obtained by utilising the contact options. Subscribers can access all historical data and reports including all categories of beer, wines, spirits and RTDs.

A real-time platform of liquor retail pricing is proving to be a significant advantage in the current competitive environment. You would expect that this premium service would be expensive but individual subscriptions are in fact less than the cost of the newspaper subscriptions, let alone the cost of cataloguing the data.