Benefit From Our Knowledge and Experience

Mike and Sandy Coomer established Marketing Synergy in 1981 as a consultancy specialising in the liquor and related industries. The company principals focus on the broader industry and offer advice based on the unique experience gained over more than 25 years in the industry.

As well as consulting services, Marketing Synergy provides database information to the liquor industry on subscription.  

The principal consultant is Mike Coomer. While Mike has the advantage of tertiary studies culminating in the award of a Master Degree in Business Administration majoring in Marketing, he is far from the academic and acknowledges that he has learnt more from the practical aspects of business than could ever be taught in university.

Mike’s career highlights that help him provide pragmatic advice to his colleagues in the liquor industry include:

Appellation Wines & Spirits Pty Ltd
Established and developed company to become the largest specialist importer of wine with imports of around 1,000,000 bottles annually. Hands on role responsible for acquisition of agencies, development of brands, marketing and sales to key accounts along with fiscal responsibilities of CEO including budgets, funding, financial reporting and cash flows and supply management.


Marketing Synergy Pty Ltd
Established and developed this marketing consultancy specialising in the food and beverage industries. Contracts included marketing projects for government and regional agencies as well as companies in the beverage and food sectors. Consulting role was reduced 1987 to accommodate the pressures of the development of Appellation Wines & Spirits.


Marketing Manager
Swift & Moore Pty Ltd
Invited to take this role by a previous consulting client with the objective of changing the culture of the company from a (belly up to the bar) sales culture to a modern marketing culture and to improve the sales of agency lines by creation and fulfilment of consumer demand. Responsible for all elements of the marketing mix. The marketing budgets and plans, which had not formally existed prior to appointment, expanded during tenure to exceed $5,000,000.00 annually with direct costs offset by creative use of available export incentives and contributions from the brand owners. Left the company to establish own consultancy to work more closely with the wine and food industry.